Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing 12

The two points that I think are important about commenting on blogs are:
1. Think about what you are going to comment. The person behind the blog is real. Criticism should always be constructive.
2. The blogger does not have to answer all comments. Many people write blogs to express their thoughts and opinions. Others are trying to create a discussion.

There are so many blogs and not enough time. Just reading the blogs on the 23 Things site can be overwhelming. As I read the blogs I thought maybe I was not posting enough and then I thought maybe I was saying too much. But I guess that is up to the individual.

The five 23 Things Blogs I browsed were Ginny's Blog, 3rd Grade with Miss Davis, Country Booker, Amy in the Library, Elmore's Glue. These were all really fantastic and different. I enjoyed exploring the blogs.

Two blogs outside of 23 Things that I browsed and plan to go back to are Library Thing and Thinking About Learning.

I am thinking of when school begins to start a blog on my day to day activities as a librarian.


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  1. I have loved my "journal" that I have kept for the last 3 years...although not daily, it is a nice reminder of successes and changes along the way! And everything I consdier important is in one place. :-)