Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing 13

I love Delicious. I had a brief intro to Delicious at an inservice last year. It was a great inservice but it was fast and not hands on. I have been reading a lot about using Inquiry with students...they say that inquiry is active and hands on and leads to learning for understanding and longterm...this is 23 things. By doing the activities with Delicious I will remember more than just having it presented orally to me.

I can see lots of ways to use Delicious. I plan to introduce this to the teachers next year ( I think I will need to speak with my principal because I think I will have lots of things to share). This is fantastic no matter what computer you are at you can still retrieve things from your favorite list. This will be great for students to use in the library during research. All of the computers have had "Deep Freeze" installed so whatever you save erases when they are closed down. This would enable students to save their information sources and be able to retrieve them.

I plan to start using Delicious at home and school.

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