Monday, July 20, 2009

Thing 16 -- Wikis

I love Wikis. Last the library had a Wiki for librarians. It was a great way to share information. I then sat down and watched the video on Wikis. I went to and create a rough Wiki for my library. Afterward I attended a district workshop on how to create a wiki...and fine tuned my Wiki. I think Wikis will be great to use with students. For example the librarian and teacher could work together to create a wiki for students to use for a research project. I created one for my 4th grade students. (if they are set up as public they can be accessed easily from any computer.) I included the requirements for the project and websites they could use. I also did a presentation for the district on research for the primary grades. I made a wiki page and gave the link to the participants. This will enable them to have access to the links, information, etc without having to keep up with a paper handout. It will also be there anytime they need it. I plan to use link this page to my library wiki.

I really think wikis can be used in collaborative planning


  1. Anna, thanks for sharing. It looks like you really got wikis to work well in your classroom. I agree with you. I think they will be a great tool in using for collaborative planning and can't wait to try.

  2. Great ideas on using wikis with students. Iw ant to try that this coming school year.