Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing 14 Technorati

This summer not only have I started expanding my technology with 23 Things, I went to high speed internet and wireless....I am having to get used to using my laptop and watching the battery meter.....Doing 23 Things this can be dangerous. What I have decided is that I can read and research several of the Things and then go back and do my blog.

Anyway back to Technorati....I think I am avoiding Technorati....Technorati was a bit over my head. It was interesting but a little beyond my level at this point. I watched the video several times to understand how to navigate the site. I found a couple fo blogs that I would like to follow.

I will need to revisit Technorati

I found this photo on Flicker and it reminded me of how I felt using Technorati

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